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This beautiful blend of our own foxglove seed has been perfected over many seasons and has shades of pink, purple and white with delicate freckled trumpets. Fabulous in a shady spot from a cottage garden to a city centre balcony; they make a great cut flower too.

1000+ Seeds on average per pack, they are very tiny seeds but will make a big impact.

Sowing steps
1. Use good quality compost in your seed trays or pots.
2. Sow your seeds on the surface of the compost, the seeds are tiny and need light to germinate so don't cover them in compost.
3. Water from beneath (remember the seed is tiny) stand your pot or tray in water and let the compost soak it up, when its had enough to drink take out of the water.
4. Put seed trays or pots on a windowsill or in a greenhouse at about 16°C (61°F) to germinate (usually 14-21 days).
5. Transfer seedlings when large enough to handle into pots or modules, spacing them 5cm (2") apart, and grow on. Acclimatise to outside conditions before planting.

Alternatively, sow seeds directly outside in May-June.

Our seeds come in a hand-folded envelope with a beautiful hand drawn image of our Sweet Pea Old Spice on the front, and full sowing instructions printed on the reverse. Part of our 'Saedian Hand Blended Seeds Collection', they make a thoughtful gift and if you can't see your mum for Mother's Day or her birthday this year, why not send her a selection of our seed packs in the post so
that she can grow her very own bunch of flowers!

Saedian Hand Blended Seeds - Foxglove Seed Pack

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