B-Bop's real name is Bartholomew, but his parents gave him the nickname B-Bop as a bear cub, after his love of music. His  honey coloured paw-table music system and headphones are his most treasured paws-essions and he's rarely seen without them. Ironically, he can bear-ly sing a note or hold a tune, but what he lacks in musicality he more than makes up for with his bear-illiant dance moves and can regularly be seen striking a 'paws' as he takes his daily walk through the woods.

A popular character it's hard to be grizzly and frown when B-Bop's around!

This adorable bear:

  • Makes a cute Birthday Cake decoration
  • Is an ideal gift for bear and music lovers or anyone looking to bring a big bear grin to someone's face
  • Is part of our hand-felted animals collections - start collecting yours today!
  • Stands approximately 15cm

Please note, B-Bop is not a toy and therefore not suitable for young children due to small parts and their fragile nature. 

B-Bop - The Music Loving Handmade Needle Felted Bear

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