Our collection of Natural Finish Welly Ducklings is guaranteed to put a smile on even the saddest of faces. Ready for a spot of rain, they've each pulled on their gorgeous hand-painted welly boots for some fun in puddles on a rainy day! 

Whether you want to show someone they're a quacking good friend or are simply looking for a quirky gift they'll treasure for years to come, we reckon these chariming ducklings definitely fit the bill.

Each Duckling:

  • Is hand-carved from earth-kind bamboo root, then painted and moulded by hand; so no two are ever exactly the same. Posture may vary slightly from that shown in the photograph
  • Stands approximately 18cm high

Lottie and her twin brother Luke are definitley birds of a feather as they share so many personality traits, not least shaking a tail feather in sunshine, rain and showers with their fellow ducklings. She follows Luke around like a shadow and considers herself to be a very lucky ducky to have him for a brother.


Why not collecting the full set and create your own duckling family?!


"Lottie" - Natural Welly Duckling with Polka Dot Green Wellington Boots

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