Winner Great Taste Award 2018

Sly Gin from Haven Distillery is hand crafted, small batch London Dry Gin made in the heart of Herefordshire.

70cl. 43% ABV.


Full rich spruce like juniper with deep complex herbal and spicy notes.


This 43% abv London Dry is an incredibly smooth classic juniper led gin.

The first taste of juniper gives way to complex herbal mid tones of lavender and bay seasoned with rosemary and sweet spice.


A long lingering herbal / citrus finish of lemon thyme and grapefruit.


Sly Gin Original works well as a sipping gin served over ice.


This is a full flavoured gin which stands up to tonic well.  Serve with tonic garnished with a segment of lemon and, if available, a sprig of lemon thyme or rosemary.

Haven Distillery

After a long career as a freelance Software Engineer Duncan Fox hung up his keyboard and combined his engineering skills and love of chemistry with his wife's knowledge and passion for herbs and all things botanical.

The result is Haven Distillery; a true artisan small-batch distillery nestled in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside.  Possibly one of the smallest distilleries you will find!

The Gin

Home grown herbs and other botanicals are distilled drop by drop at room temperature in an almost complete vacuum. The carefully captured flavours are combined with the softness of vapour infused Italian juniper and finally proofed to a premium strength of 43% abv.

Home Grown Botanicals

We grow our own herbs, which include lemon thyme, bay, apple mint, rosemary, angelica & lemon verbena. These are constantly harvested and used fresh or dried above the AGA in our kitchen.  A true cottage industry.

Haven Distillery London Dry Sly Gin 43% ABV (70cl)

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