Inspired by those uninvited guests we’re always pleased to see, our hand-carved Garden Birds are characterful home accessories that make thoughtful gifts, lifting the spirit and cheering you up if you're feeling under the feather.

Hand-carved from bamboo root, a material that would otherwise go to waste, our chirpy family of feathered friends live in harmony with their environment and enjoy nothing more than tending their plots with a spot of weeding and pruning.

Each Garden Bird:

  • Arrives in their own bird house gift box
  • Is individually hand carved and painted, making each one unique
  • Has flexible copper feet meaning these restless souls can perch where they choose, and even tap a toe to the radio
  • Stands approximately 12-15 cm high

Without feather ado, let us introduce you to Angus, the oldest member of the flock. Angus originally hails from Scotland but left as he seeked warmer climes. Spike's wing-man, Angus is well respected by his feathered family and friends for his wisdom, but it's his chirpy sense of humour which is the real feather in his cap. Unfortunately, he's become a little accident prone in his old age and can often been found falling off his perch with the other Garden Birds helping catch his fall! Along with his clumsy nature, Angus can be identified by his tartan green flat cap.

Why not start collecting the full set and create your own feathered flock!

"Angus" - Dapper Garden Bird with a Green Flat Cap

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